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Understand your power potential

In this program, Tory helps you understand your potential to propel you and your business forward

Define your brand’s vision & purpose

Clarify the purpose that your brand stands for to inspire your audience

Break through your comfort zone

Reframe your belief and value system to attract your ideal customers


When you understand your story, where you come from, and where you’re going, and own that, you can understand your values. You can find your purpose and intent, and come into alignment with your destiny. But for that, you have to understand your story.

You may be looking to build a powerful tribe. Or to propel yourself forward and wake up to new opportunities everyday. To forming partnerships. To sharing access to new info, people, and their opportunities. But do you know how to build brand SEO? How to get publications to tell your story publicly? Because it’s what determines whether people want to connect with you, or with someone else.

This is what the business attraction programme is about. It’s about putting yourself out there, becoming agile, tapping into the potential within and becoming who you’re meant to be.

To build whatever it is that you desire, setting up the foundation, the backend is important, and it’s what’s going to make everything come naturally to you. It’s what gets you and your brand into alignment so that opportunities can flow.

When you thought that you had nothing, but realise that you have everything, you naturally attract what’s yours. Taking ownership of your story, purpose, and intent, you become a business super attractor.

When you finally take a powerful step and connect with me personally, you will see if the energy of the group suits you. To me, it’s all about the connections that everyone’s going to make. You’ll need to show up with open arms and embrace new beginnings, be agile in your thoughts and willing to transform.

In the 8-week programme, you’ll have 5 webinars with assignments that will help you connect with others in the group, you’ll connect on Slack to keep each other accountable, and have coffee dates with others to establish new partnerships, and find new opportunities within the group. I’ll also take you through the dream meditation where we learn the importance of manifestation.

In your two 1-on-1 sessions with me, you’ll nail down your values, intent, and personal branding, that will propel your business forwards. You will always stay in touch with me on Slack, and actually get hands-on guidance when you need a 15-minute check-in call.

It’s a commitment. Both to me, and to the group. But my success is your success.

Are you ready to take a powerful step? Call me. Let’s do this. I look forward to welcoming you to my tribe.

We’ve worked with top global brands:

Nurture Your Brand, And Your Spirit 

8 Week Course

2 One-on-One Mentoring Sessions

Drawing on my brand expertise and experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, I offer a blend of practical and spiritual support to empower both you and your business.

5 Group Webinars

Discover how to Step into your Power, Become a Super Attractor, attain visibility in a virtual world, and Build your Global Tribe. I’ll also share the Power of storytelling and importance of creating Compelling content that helps build your audience.

1 Dream Delivery

The power of intent and purpose can be used to manifest a desired outcome. My dream delivery guided meditation will help you clarify the powerful steps you need take in order to make your dream a reality.

2 Group Webinar Q&A's

We’ll reflect on your progress, meet with like-minded entrepreneurial women, and seek advice and guidance as you build your brand into the business of your dreams. Here you'll showcase your Powerful Steps.

Access to Tory’s Personal branding team

To empower your personal brand, I will connect you with my tribe of branding and creative experts. For an additional cost you can have professional photos taken by a renowned fashion photographer, as well as your LinkedIn overhauled and copywriting expertly crafted by award-winning expert / copywriter.

Before you commit to the program, Tory will walk you through the details in a 1-on-1 call. It’s free.

Learn from Tory’s experience...

This is what you can expect:

  • Taking ownership of your 5 step story, values, intent & purpose
  • Building your Global connections
  • Sharing coffee dates with Tory and others
  • Forming partnerships within the group
  • ​Creating a STANDOUT brand
  • ​Understanding the power of being your own PR
  • ​Creating disruptive content so that you lead within your category across professional social media platforms
By the end of this program, you will have made global connections and a global business with a strong brand presence...

This Course Is For...

This Course Isn't For...

CEOs, Executives & Founders

You are a high performing individual looking to take your business or the business you lead, to that next level. 

Making A Quick Dollar

If you are looking to make a quick dollar and rest on your laurels, then this program will not help you. 

Creating That Ultimate Side Hustle

You are content with your current position, however you have a vigorous drive for your side hustle and need someone to help guide you through the next steps.

Unwilling To Work

This program does not favour the lazy, unmotivated, uninspired individuals who may have a phenomenal idea, but are not willing to put in the work.

Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

You have found yourself pondering over the next step within your career, and have this desire to bring step into your power.

Wrong Morals & Values

Our impact in this world means the most, and we follow our morals and values. If this is you then this will not help you.
Before you commit to the program, Tory will walk you through the details in a 1-on-1 call. It’s free.

Here’s what Tory’s community has learned:

Libby Allaway

Founder | Let's Connect Women

“Tory’s reputation precedes her. She has worked with some of the most iconic international brands, yet she is one of the most approachable and humble people I have met. When the opportunity arose to have access to her through her mentoring sessions, I jumped at the chance.” 

Robyn Foyster

CEO | Foyster Media

"Full of passion and creativity, Tory Archbold is a PR powerhouse who is much loved and widely respected in the industry. Having had a successful career herself, she is perfectly placed to help women embrace their own super powers and build their personal profiles."

Jemma Lester

Founder & MD | Luxury Marketing House, London

"Tory is a power connector. She is driven by her values which are reflected in everything she delivers to clients in a positive and passionate way."

Jane Villenuve

Founder & Director | Narrative

“Building a business can feel like heavy lifting, but Tory helped me get clarity and gain momentum when I recently launched Narrative. She challenged me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  
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